Saved by Lisa Turtle and Screech Powers

To be honest, the only thing I remember about the Lisa Turtle character from Saved by the Bell is that she was mean to Screech. Did she do anything else besides berate the boy for his crush? As I’ve said before, I never identified with Mr. Samuel Powers all that much, but I did feel for the kid when it came to the whole Lisa situation. He and I had that in common, at least: being shot down by the girl (or girls) that we liked on a regular basis.

What else to say about these two… I really enjoyed seeing Screech away from Lisa and away from the screechy voice when it came time for The College Years. His character was one of the reasons I wish that that series had lasted longer than it did. Maybe then Dustin wouldn’t have ended up on The New Class playing, yet again, the cartoon version of his character.

As for Lark, I don’t really know what she did after Bell went off the air, and I don’t really care. I am heartened that she was the first person after Dennis Haskins to agree to Jimmy Fallon’s proposed Saved by the Bell reunion, but she’ll always be mean old Lisa to me.