Geek Force Roster Change - 04.14.2009

This week’s Geek Force Five roster brings together a couple of singers, a Presidential pooch, an actor who needs to learn how to “Just say no!”, and a company that pissed off the whole of the Internet with a supposed system glitch.

  • Much attention has been paid in recent days to the release of a Hannah Montana movie, and to the star of that movie, Miley Cyrus. There’s talk of what she’s doing to distance herself from the role that made her famous, and so on. So, we’ll talk about that.
  • We’ll also talk about Susan Boyle, the Britain’s Got Talent performer who wiped the condescending smirk off of Simon Cowell’s face and replaced it with a stunned smile.
  • And then, once we’re done with her, we’ll spend a few minutes talking about the new First Dog, Bo, whose first official photo is sickeningly sweet—awwww, look at the little puppy-wuppy with the leis! ain’t he the cutestest wittle thing you ever did see?
  • In the interest of moving on, we’ll next tackle movies that shouldn’t have been made, or that shouldn’t be made in the future, as well as the actors in those films, actors like American Pie star Eugene Levy, who need to learn when not just to say when, but when to say “Hell no!”
  • Lastly, we’ll look at and the huge public relations debacle they stumbled into when they started dropping gay and lesbian content from their sales charts due to what they’re calling a system glitch, but what the Internet is calling an epic fail.

So, stay tuned Fivers. All that and more is coming at you.

NewsE. Christopher Clark