Sanitizing/Standardizing Susan Boyle from BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT

A YouTube video of 47 year old British singer Susan Boyle has exploded across the Internet this week, going viral on Buzzfeed, making the rounds on Twitter, and so on. The vid’s gotten so popular that it embedding of it is now “disabled by request.” But, please, if you haven’t already watched it, click on the link and do so right now. We’ll wait.

Amazing, huh? They totally set her up to look like one of the million train wrecks that make watching the Got Talent shows (both the British and American versions) so appealing to viewers across the globe, but then she totally knocks it out of the park. She actually knocks it out of the country, and maybe even off of the planet, to be honest.

My question is this: What are the producers of that show going to do to sanitize and/or standardize the “look” of Susan Boyle? Is there an Extreme Makeover in her future? I mean, it’s fairly obvious that the woman needs some help in the fashion department in order to be elevated above “cat lady” status in the eyes of onlookers (that’s Buzzfeed’s description, not mine). But what happens if she wants to stay the way she is? Narrow-minded, appearance obsessed twenty-first century television audiences will watch her once, but will they tune out in the future?

What do you think?