Transformers 2 - Showest Footage

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the best part of Michael Bay’s live-action Transformers feature was Megan Fox. The designs of the robots were too busy-looking and angular and were just downright filled with craptacularness; the fight scenes were impossible to follow; and the story, already pretty simple for the sake of the kids who watched in the 1980s, was dumbed-down for the masses. Megan Fox was great, though. Or, well, great to look at, at least.

I’m slightly more encouraged by the footage of the sequel that was shown recently at Showest. I have to agree with Harry from Ain’t It Cool, for once. In his brief article on the footage, he writes that he prefers the action shots in this footage when compared to those of the previous film. He says, “[t]he Transformers are in Natural settings where they pop from their backgrounds and really stand out,” and I think that’s a huge part of why this looks like it’ll be more fun than the last one.

Check out the footage on Vimeo here, then come back and add your thoughts in the comments. I’d have embedded it, but Michael Bay decided to be a ass-sucker and not allow that.