Geek Force Five Roster Changes Go Daily

PHOTO: Fresh Fish Delivered Daily on Flickr by Easternblot CC BY-ND

Over the past few months, Geek Force Five has been alternating the five topics it covers on a weekly basis. Today, we go daily. And, to celebrate, we’re changing our tagline. It was, as you will recall, “The Five Most Notable Manifestations of Awesomeness in a Geek’s Universe.” Going forward, it will be “Five Loaves of Fresh Geekery, Delivered Daily.” The idea, of course, is that we’ll be able to change things up more frequently, and that we won’t always have to cover the “most notable” news stories, but will sometimes be able to focus on more obscure or more quirky stories.

We’ve already been doing this to some extent, but today’s announcement marks an official change in our mission statement. We hope you’ll enjoy this new direction as much as we already are.

P.S. You’ll note that the header will be changing pretty rapidly from now on. We’re not archiving these. So, if you see one that you find particularly funny, please remember to save it. We may be able to recreate it later on, but who knows if we’ll get it right the second time around. Right?

NewsE. Christopher Clark