Vintage Dharma Initiative Ads

PHOTO: Who observes the observers? on Flickr by Hot Meteor CC BY-ND

Last night, @spyboy reminded me of a story that I hadn’t yet covered here on the Five: the vintage Dharma Initiative advertisements that have been floating around the Internet over the past couple of months, thanks to Hot Meteor Design. These things, in case you haven’t already seen them thanks to sites like, are pretty darned amazing. Each of them takes some bit of Dharma Initiative lore and turns it into a full-fledged print ad that might’ve appeared during the DI’s heyday of the 1970s.

I think that this is all proof that we live in amazing time for geekery. And I think it’s also proof that someday, once the series is over and you can watch it front-to-back, that you should watch Lost. Any show that gets fans worked-up enough to create a set of ads for fictional organizations… c’mon!!! This is something that demands to be watched, isn’t it?