Lost’s 2008 Schedule

DarkUFO reports that in the latest “Ask Ausiello” column from TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello, the beans have been spilled about when the remaining episodes of Lost‘s fourth season will air.

Here’s the scoop:

Episode 5: Feb. 28
Episode 6: March 6
Episode 7: March 13
Episode 8: March 20
Episode 9: April 24
Episode 10: May 1
Episode 11: May 8
Episode 12: May 15
Episode 13: May 22 (season finale)

So, there’s a month-long break between episodes eight and nine. But that’s really not so bad when you consider that, just a few weeks ago, when the writer’s strike was still on, there was a distinct possibility that episode eight would be the last episode of the season, and that we’d be waiting until 2009 to hear from our favorite castaways once again.