Ellsbury Steals Home

If you’ve ever met me in person, you know that I am one of those blaspheming know-nothing assholes who find baseball tedious and boring (at least most of the time). Maybe if I could afford the cable TV station that plays the games, or if the price of a ticket was reasonable, and maybe if I hadn’t sucked at the game when I played it as a kid—maybe then I would have more respect for it, or at least more interest in it. In any case, regardless of my apathy for America’s pastime, I cannot and will not deny that there are times in baseball where, as my friend Beth puts it, “[a] ho-hum kind of moment turns on a dime, [and] explodes into a moment of blinding excitement, crowd roaring, [and] play-by-play announcer hollering.” This is the kind of thing that I rarely see the like of in the other sports I watch, and it’s mornings after moments like this that I wish I had the time and the patience (and the money) to watch baseball more regularly.

And now, if you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, here you go: Last night, in the final game of a series against the New York Yankees, Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury stole home plate. This hasn’t happened for my hometown team since April 22, 1994, just over fifteen years ago. As Beth points out in her article, none of the ESPN cameras covering the game caught it live, but, through the magic of Memorex, you can catch the whole thing here.