Hackbook = Fail

PHOTO: Eee PC 1000H HackBook - screen side on Flickr by trib CC BY-NC-SA

I would really like it if Apple would finally put out an affordable notebook computer, but I want more than that. I want an affordable notebook that’s worth owning. One circle of Apple fanatics would love to see them enter the nascent netbook market. But, based on the reviews of two people who recently hacked their non-Apple netbooks to run OS X, I kind of hope that Apple stays away.

Both Steven Sande at TUAW and David Sparks at MacSparky have given their “Hackbooks” failing grades. The keyboards seem to be unusable—a big problem for me as a writer—the screen sounds like it’s too small, and the affordability of the computer is completely offset by its lack of performance power.

I’ve had cheap, small notebooks in the past, and I’m working on one now. Really, I don’t need another of these. Really, what I need is a full-fledged MacBook at half the price. At a quarter of the price, really. As a donation, if at all possible.

But maybe Apple will surprise me and will put out something cheap that’s worth owning. What do you think the likelihood of that is, Fivers? Chime in below.