Nine Inch Nails to Open for Jane’s Addiction

PHOTO: Nine Inch Nails Live @ Open Source Resistance meeting - Los Angeles, CA, 4.18.07 on Flickr by Nine Inch Nails Official CC BY-NC-SA

In a bold and unpredicted move, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has announced that Jane’s Addiction will be closing the show on the upcoming NINJA 2009 tour. Fan reaction seems mixed, but Trent reassured fans that ”[e]verything is going to be OK”, and offered, as a reason for his decision, the following tweet: “-this way I can join you on the lawn after my show and watch one of my favorite bands every night.”

Whether we will actually see Trent up on the lawn during the Jane’s set will be something to watch. Something else to watch, however, will be how many people show up to the shows with cameras, given that Trent has secured a relaxed camera policy for the show.