Abrams and Lindelof to Follow Up LOST with THE DARK TOWER?!?

Over the weekend, while seated next to each other at Free Comic Book Day, me and Bryan White from Cinema Suicide eventually got to talking about the news that he posted on his site last week, the news that Lost co-creators J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof will be following up their work on my favorite TV show of all time—Lost—by producing a series of films based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

The Dark Tower series is one of those sci-fi/fantasy epics that, like The Lord of the Rings, has been on my to-read list for years. I read the first book of King’s series, The Gunslinger, back when I was probably too young to be reading Stephen King books (and definitely too young to understand them), but I haven’t returned to the series since. But this news has me wanting to go buy the whole series right now. It’s a rainy day, I’m still feeling sick from whatever bug I picked up yesterday, and reading seems like the thing to do. And to know that Abrams and Lindelof have picked this series for their next big thing—that just amps me up that much more.

What say you, Fivers? Have you read the series? Do you think Abrams and Lindelof can pull off the adaptation? Do you think anyone can? Chime in below.