1st TERMINATOR SALVATION Review Sounds Negative

Ain’t It Cool News has what they believe to be the first review of Terminator Salvation. Here’s a snippet:

As for the directing, I find that the action is well executed. However the smaller moments, in which we get to know our characters, isn’t [sic] all well done. I believe the best performance is by Sam [Worthington]. The guy playing Kyle Reese, doesn’t do a bad job either. In general the acting is good. I however felt Christian Bales [sic] performance to be a little over the top at times… I cant say if it’s the way John Connor is written or acted, or maybe just the way it all was cut together, but Ive seen better from Bale.

I’ve had mixed emotions about this film since the moment I first heard about it—I’m one of those weirdos who liked the third film, and was disappointed to see it being mostly ignored—and this review does little to assuage my fears. How are y’all feeling about this flick?