No ‘Closer’ on Nine Inch Nails’s Wave Goodbye Tour

PHOTO: Nine Inch Nails Live @ Pukkelpop - Hasselt, Belgium, 8.18.07 on Flickr by Nine Inch Nails Official CC BY-NC-SA

According to Trent Reznor, in a video interview conducted by member Papagolash, Nine Inch Nails will not play “Closer” during their Wave Goodbye set on the upcoming NINJA 2009 tour. They will, however, be mixing up the set each night, pulling out some surprises at each tour stop, including—hopefully—the stop they’ll be making on June 3 in Mansfield, where I fully expect the band to kick my ass so hard that I’m weeping by the end of the set.

Thoughts? Do you think it’s insane for a band to omit its biggest hit from the set list? Me, I don’t mind, as I’ve seen that song performed live at every show I’ve been to, but less-obsessed fans might be dismayed to hear this.