STAR TREK is “the perfect post-post-irony action film”

Andy Hicks of The Pluto Tapes has posted, over on his Geek USA blog, the only review of the new Star Trek film that I’ll ever need to read. To say that Andy enjoyed the film would probably be an understatement. Here’s a brief snippet:

It’s the perfect post-post-irony action film, in that it can laugh at itself without mocking itself. It’s fresh and brash and young… No one takes themselves too seriously here, not even Spock, whose subtle kiss-off to the Vulcan high council elicited huge applause in the theater. It gives us massive battle sequences, huge sound, lots of explosions and action and fighting, and still manages to feel human. The characters are what matter here first, then the plot, then the action. The action’s impressive – Sulu gets to swordfight, Kirk is chased by monsters, and the climactic fight is one of those great “two guys fighting on a very small platform above a very big pit” things – but we’re swept up because we care about Gene Roddenbury’s characters.

You can read the full review here. And, if you’re trying to convince your non-Trekkie lifemate to give the film a chance, also be sure to check out “Rock Out With Your Spock Out”, a “Guide to the New Star Trek Film For the Geek Impaired” written by Mr. Hicks’s own significant other.