Another Hollywood Strike? Lostpedia Looks at the Possibility

Lostpedia has posted an excellent piece on the potential ramifications of an actors strike for my favorite television program, Lost. I’m not sure why a show scheduled to air in mid-season would start filming in August, but, whether they’re right or wrong on that score, they still make a few very good points.

The bad news is that SAG has been publicly unsatisfied with the terms of the recent DGA and WGA deals, a dissatisfaction that Iger and Chernin were apparently unable to budge. SAG head Alan Rosenberg said as much in a letter to his membership, although he has been meticulous in denying that he “wants” a strike.

Lostpedia also points out that there is some “good news.” As they put it, “both parties are avoiding the public mudslinging that made the writers’ talks so spiteful and unproductive” by releasing bland press releases that essentially amount to a news blackout.

Here’s hoping that the actors get what they deserve, but that they don’t need to strike to do so.