Resurrecting the Old Man in the Mountain

PHOTO: Old Man in the Mountain on Flickr by StarrGazr CC BY-NC-ND

Like many New Englanders, I miss the Old Man in the Mountain, a rock formation in New Hampshire’s White Mountain range that fell from its perch back in 2003. Now, some six years later, there’s talk of resurrecting the Old Man as glass monument. The architect behind this idea, Francis D. Treves, has apparently been mocked and abused in public forums over the idea. But some, including Dave at Towns and Trails, are willing to guy the chance to make his case. Towns and Trails this week posted detailed photographs and drawings direct from the architect himself, and what he’s proposing doesn’t look all that terrible to me. I still think it would be better if it were left alone, but I don’t think what he’s proposing is inherently evil.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.