Chris Hemsworth as THOR

I’ve never been a huge fan of Marvel’s Thor—I think he works well as an Avenger, but struggles as a solo character—but, with Kenneth Branagh at the helm of the film adaptation that’s due in 2011, my interest is piqued. He’s not at all someone who I would’ve expected to tackle a superhero flick, and that’s what I like about the decision.

This weekend—according to Variety and Newsarama, at the very least—another good decision has been made. Relative newcomer Chris Hemsworth, an Australian actor most well-known at this point for portraying Kirk’s father in the new Star Trek, has been cast in the lead role. I dig this. In order to make the eventual Avengers film work, they’re going to need to lock up good actors at low prices to appear alongside the superstar that is Robert Downey, Jr. But, that aside, I also think that a well-known face in this role just wouldn’t work. We can’t be distracted by a face we know and love here.

At least that’s how I feel. How about you?