SARAH CONNOR Terminated While CHUCK and SCRUBS Survive

Ah, Sarah Connor, I hardly knew ye. Or, well, I didn’t know ye at all, but I wish that I had.

Ain’t It Cool News has the scoop on who lives and who dies in the TV Land game of Cancellation Roulette. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is done, as is The Unusuals (maybe that means Michael will be back on Lost?). There’s hope for Chuck, though: The Hollywood Reporter is saying that it’ll be back for season three. And my favorite sitcom that I don’t have time to watch anymore, Scrubs, will also be back, despite already having aired an episode that, to me at least, looked like a series finale.

What say y’all? Any Sarah Connor fans out there? Anyone wishing that Chuck and/or Scrubs were being terminated instead of saved? Let us know.