Napster One-Ups Microsoft: $5 for 5 Downloads, Plus Unlimited Streaming

Back in November, we reported that Microsoft had decided to offer a $15 Zune Pass that would allow users to keep five songs they liked at the end of each month’s worth of unlimited downloads (which, until then, you couldn’t keep any of, unless you kept paying every month). Napster, it seems, has decided to one-up Redmond. Electronista reports that Napster will now offer a $5 subscription plan that allows users to keep five songs a month, in addition to unlimited online streaming. That’s no good if you’re trying to fill up your Zune, but works out well if you’re trying out new music at your desk, which is generally where I want to try out new stuff.

What do you guys and gals think? Will you give it a try? Do you think Napster is onto something here? Or, like Mashable, do you find this too little, too late?