HALF-BLOOD PRINCE to be Second Longest Harry Potter Film to Date

HPANA, the Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator, has learned that the running time for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be 2 hours,33 minutes. According to Mugglenet, this makes it the second longest Potter film to date, right behind Chamber of Secrets.

This gets me giddy in all kinds of ways. I’m very happy to hear that they’ll be letting it run long, as there’s quite a bit of important material to get on screen in this chapter of the story. I’m sure there will be cuts—I’m pretty sure that the Dursleys play no role in this film, for instance—but it doesn’t sound like they’ll have to cut anything for the purpose of paring down the length. Because they’ve been given the freedom to keep it long, I think any cuts or revisions will be entirely story-based.

For a glimpse at even more scenes from the film than we’ve already seen—and we’ve seen a lot, given the fact that this film was pushed back as far as it was—Mugglenet advises us to keep our eyes on ABC Family this weekend for some additional sneak peeks.