Teases for LOST and HEROES

Greg Grunberg is the thread that ties my two favorite television programs together—he’s the psychic on Heroes and was the pilot in the pilot episode of Lost—and I’m still not entirely convinced that he’s not going to pop up in the Lost series finale and tell us that his name is really Matt Parkman and that he was sent back in time by Hiro Nakumura after wiping out his own memory, Gilderoy Lockhart-style.

That enough mixed references for you?

Anyway, I mention Grunberg because I’m including his picture here alongside an article about teasers for the upcoming fourth season of Heroes and sixth season of Lost.

Here’s the gist of the Heroes spoilers I’ve read:

Noah Bennet (HRG), with the help of Tracy Strauss, Angela Petrelli and all of our Heroes, is tasked with forming a new COMPANY. But that new organization won’t be concerned with conspiracies and prisons anymore. It will be about people. Finding them. Connecting to them. And figuring out why so many of them have been seduced by another “organization” out there that treats people with abilities in a fascinating, dangerous and potentially deadly new way.

And here, my friends, is an early look at what might be going down in the final season of Lost:

Says [Executive producer Carlton] Cuse: “The end of the show will be a combination of trying to answer mysteries the audience still cares about, such as the statue and the Smoke Monster. We’ll also be answering the skeletons in the cave question. We will answer the questions we feel are important and central to the plot. At the same time we will be trying to tell redemption stories about the characters. These characters do indeed have a destiny.

Consider me stoked on both counts.