THE SIMS 3 for iPhone and Mac

As I noted previously, I am pretty darned excited about The Sims 3, even though it kinda-sorta snuck up on me. Coverage of the release has gotten me more excited as of late, excited enough that I might finally have to bump the game up a rank or two on my “must buy” list. This review of the iPhone version of the game is reason #1 for the increased excitement, because a $9.99 mobile version of the game that’s actually supposedly not bad is better than having no version of the game at all. And this article from is reason #2. It’s really cool to me that the games I want to play most lately are coming straight to the Mac without delay.

Anyone out there play The Sims 3 yet? How is it? What kind of improvements have been made over previous editions? I last played The Sims 2 around the time that that the Hot Date and University expansion packs came out.