iPhone 3.0 - The Brightside

A lot of the coverage coming out of today’s WWDC keynote from Apple has focused on the ridiculous prices that existing iPhone owners will have to pay in order to upgrade to the newer, spiffier iPhone 3G S. But, rather than waste more pixels on that angle of the story, I thought I’d spend a moment saying how thrilled I am about iPhone OS 3.0, the features of which will be available to all iPhone owners, free-of-charge (and to iPod Touch owners for $9.95).

First, cut & paste is awesome. Second, parental controls on iPhone apps will hopefully mean less stupid app store rejections (like the rejection dealt to NIN earlier this year). Third, in-app purchases are going to make apps like the Amazon Kindle app that much more useful. And fourth, the ability to play music from your iTunes library via an external app is going to hopefully make Last.fm scrobbling a reality.

Look, I’m not happy that upgrading to an iPhone 3G S is going to be so pricy. And I’m not happy that I’ll have to jailbreak my 3G to get the video recording features that the 3G S will get standard. But I am happy for what I’ve got: a tiny little computer that fits in my pocket and does tons of nifty shit that I couldn’t do otherwise. And that’s what I’m going to focus on. How about you?