Homeless Sims - Robin Burkinshaw’s SIMS 3 Experiment

Telling stories with your Sims has been a part of that game’s culture since the original version of The Sims came on the scene back in February 2000. But I have never seen anything like what U.K. games design student Robin Burkinshaw is doing with Alice and Kev. I’ll let her explain:

This is an experiment in playing a homeless family in The Sims 3. I created two Sims, moved them in to a place made to look like an abandoned park, removed all of their remaining money, and then attempted to help them survive without taking any job promotions or easy cash routes. It’s based on the old ‘poverty challenge’ idea from The Sims 2, but it turned out to be a lot more interesting with The Sims 3’s living neighborhood features.

The blog that Burkinshaw is keeping to document the experience is strange as all heck, but extraordinarily compelling. Most interesting to me is that The Sims 3 AI is doing most of the storytelling itself, based on the traits that Burkinshaw gave each character during their creation.

Man, this makes me want to run out and buy a copy of this game right now. It’s reminded me all over again of what fun I had telling stories with The Sims and The Sims 2. Did you ever tell stories with The Sims? Share ‘em below!