Twitter Client for the Commodore 64

Johan Van den Brande has created perhaps the geekiest thing related to Twitter that I have yet seen: a Twitter client for the Commodore 64. My first computer was a C64 hooked up to an old television set. I still recall running out into the dining room one Christmas morning to find the TV set glowing blue—or was it green?—and finding that massive keyboard attached to it. There was a set of Apple computers that circulated around our elementary school at that point, but we’d never had a computer in our house, and it was amazing.

And apparently we weren’t alone in being amazed. There are lots of folks out there developing apps for the C64 to this day, and Mr. Van den Brande is just one of them. Check out the app in action on YouTube or visit the official Twitter feed for Breadbox64 here. Thanks to Slashdot for bringing this to our attention.