Help Me Finish My Book and Share It With the World

Looking for a way to support New Hampshire’s Best Pop Culture Blog of 2009? If you have a buck to spare, you can help me fulfill my dream of finishing my book and sharing it with the world. I’m using to try and raise $1,600 by July 31 to purchase a new laptop, a new camera, and high-quality USB microphone to podcast my novel, chapter-by-chapter. You can see the video I’ve recorded to promote the project above, or over here on Viddler, or on my Kickstarter page.

Each donation brings you something in return, too! $1 gets you a shout-out on Twitter, if you want it (or on Facebook, if you don’t yet Tweet). $10 gets you a high-quality version of the full audiobook, once it’s done. And so on, and so forth.

If you enjoy what I’m doing here at Geek Force Five, please consider giving whatever you can. If you follow my Twitter stream, you’ll know that my current laptop was responsible for wiping out an hour’s worth of writing this morning, and that its soundcard is now on the way out. I really need the upgrade.

And, hey, please pass this on!