Images from Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND Sequel/Extension

Our good friends at Cinema Suicide were the first in our RSS reader to write up the just-released images of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland that came out in today’s USA Today, so big ups to them. Of the images, Cinema Suicide’s Bryan White writes, “That shit is ca-razy!” And we agree, sir. Yes, indeedy.

I’m not a Burton Geek by any stretch of the imagination, but I do really like the look of his films. And I would really love a version of Alice that felt creepy and classic and very rewatchable, as the Disney version hadn’t aged well the last time I saw it. Ain’t It Cool News has a review of the script, and it does sound interesting. Alice will apparently be older, and the film will be more of an extension/sequel than a strict adaptation.

But hey, if you’re a Depp fan, and not a fan of what’s going on here, there’s news for you too! You might be pleased to know that our old pal Johnny is talking up a possible fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, too. See that here.