According to Broadcasting & Cable, HBO is developing a one-hour television series based on Middlesex, the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides (The Virgin Suicides) that I teach as part of my Writing and the Literary Arts course each spring. I’ll believe it when I see it—or when I hear about it, rather, as I don’t subscribe to HBO—because rumors about HBO developing series based on my favorite intellectual properties seem to come and go with alarming regularity. There was supposed to be Preacher series once upon a time, wasn’t there? And what happened to that?

Whether it happens or not, it’s puzzling to me that the novel is being pitched as a series and not a miniseries. This is not a story that could or should go on forever. Now, if they were pitching it as a three or four season maxiseries, something with a defined end date (like Lost has had for the past two and a half seasons), that would make sense to me, and would put me at ease. But telling me that one of my favorite books of all time might be turned into a long, drawn-out drama with no direction or definitive ending—that’s aggravating.

So, I’ll put this to you, my friendly neighborhood Geek Force: What do you think about adapting novels into non-limited TV series? Is it wise or unwise? And, if you’ve read Middlesex, what are your feelings about this announcement?