Apple’s Rumored MacPad

Now, let’s close out the day with a pair of conflicting rumors on the supposedly forthcoming touch-screen Macintosh computer from Apple. Is it a laptop? A netbook? An oversized iPhone tablet? The truth is that nobody seems to know, despite the fact that everyone seems certain that a device of this caliber is on its way. Mac Rumors has received word, via the Taiwanese news site InfoTimes, that the device will have a 9.7” screen and will retail for around $800. A Slashdot contributor, by contrast, believes that the MacPad will come in at $599 with a Verizon data plan, that it will include a stylus (didn’t the SteveGod fake-vomit when he said the word stylus during the original iPhone presentation?), and that it will also somehow involve an e-bookstore for iTunes to compete with the Kindle.

What do you think, Fivers? Would you even be interested in this sort of product? What would you pay for it? And what are your must-have features?