Bye Bye BCN

I was never hip enough to be an FNX listener, and I was never white trash, or Republican enough to be an AAF listener, so WBCN was my station growing up. It may have been a shell of its former self by the time I started listening in the mid 1990s, but they did it for me. It certainly helped, in recent years, that I could tune in on weekends and late evenings and randomly hear my pal Andy Hicks spinning records.

So, I’m among those who are sad that WBCN is going out of business on August 13. There’s a lot of history there, a lot of which I first learned while reading Walk This Way back in the day—did you know that they used to play classical, and that the call letters stand for Boston Concert Network?—and it sucks that it’ll be gone forever now. But, hey, this is the way that radio is going. Right? In five or ten years, will we have any radio at all? I wonder.

BCN will be replaced by Mix 98.5 and Mix 98.5 will be replaced by a new sports talk station. And while some will cheer the arrival of an honest-to-goodness FM sports talk station, I’m with Beth, who said today: “Boston needs more sports talk radio like a fish needs a bicycle.”