LOST at Comic-Con 2009

So, I went camping over the weekend and was almost entirely disconnected from the Internet. While I was gone, the polar bear shit hit the Obsessive-brand oscillating fan and splattered the World Wide Web with more Lost awesomeness than even I, the crazed fan, had been prepared for. My colleagues in Lost fandom, Bryan White and Colin Devroe, beat me to the punch in posting full video of the panel (as did DarkUFO, Ain’t It Cool News, and Lostpedia, of course), so I’m not going to re-embed what you’ve probably all already seen, assuming you care about such things. Instead, I want to spend a few minutes trying to paste the pieces of my blown mind together again so that I can convey to you what I think about everything that’s come out over the weekend about what season six might be.

It seems fairly obvious to me, based on Damon and Carlton’s comments, based on the Mr. Cluck’s ad, and based on the Kate on America’s Most Wanted clip, that we will be getting alternate reality flashes in the final season of Lost. When Darlton spoke about what we’ll be getting in season six, they said, according to Newsarama’s transcription, “The time travel season is over, the flash forward season is over, so we have something different planned.” So, while I think we may see flashbacks of some sort—it seems to me that the addition of Nestor Carbonell as a series regular means that we might finally get a Richard flashback, if nothing else—I think flashes to the alternate reality versions of our heroes’ lives is what we’re going to be getting the most of.

Why, though?

I think what’s going to happen is that we’re going to see each of the Losties who were there in 1977 presented with a choice: stay in this new crazy alternate version of the world, or return to the way that things are supposed to be. Lost has always been about the choices we make, to one extent or another, and I think the element of choice must play a role here. Now that the 1977ers have gotten their wish, in one way or another, they’re going to have to get the chance to reject the changes. And then, maybe, we’ll see them pop up in the real timeline one-by-one?

But that could take some time, and I’m convinced that’s a real flaw in that part of the theory. If season six is supposed to be like season one—and the Powers That Be have repeated often that it is supposed to be—will we really spend that much time getting everyone together? I kinda-sorta think not.


There is also the matter of old faces returning. We’ve got confirmation that Boone and Juliet will be back (Juliet sooner rather than later), speculation that Charlie might be alive, and the amazing teaser image that I’ve included above, which features almost every major cast member that’s ever been on the show (check the handy chart here). How’s that going to work? Are they only going to appear in the alternate reality flashes? Or are we going to see actual resurrections on the island? I think it’ll be the former, but I’m not convinced yet that I’m right. What about you?

What do you think about E! Online’s assertion that “Jack’s plan [might have] actually changed the course of history at a much earlier point—perhaps beginning in 1977, when we last saw our heroes”? I mean, look at the evidence presented by the two videos, one of Hurley and one of Kate, which seem to imply that a lot of history has changed?

And hey, while we’re on the subject of asking you what you guys think, what about Mysteries of the Universe and Lost University, two potential ARGs coming our way in the coming months?

There’s a lot of Lost action going down right now, and I couldn’t be happier. The wait until January seems like it’s going to be a lot less painful this time around.

What say you?