New Movies Available on iTunes Same Day as DVDs

Now, this is more like it, Apple.

According to a press-release issued by the technology company earlier today, new movie releases from all of the major film studios will be available for purchase on the iTunes store on the same day that they are released on DVD. That’s not “for rental,” which was the major drawback of the new iTunes initiatives announced earlier this year at Macworld, but for purchase.

A smattering of films had been seeing releases like this over the past couple of weeks (including Juno, which I’ve been aching to see), so I suppose this announcement shouldn’t come as a total surprise. But, surprise or not, it come as most pleasant news on the day on which my iPod decided to play dead and stop syncing with my iMac and on which my laptop’s hard drive, based on the noise coming out of it right now, decided it wanted to audition for lead singer in a death metal band.