Kevin Smith Brings the Funny to Comic-Con

If only Kevin Smith’s films were as consistently funny as his Q&As, man. If that were the case, he would be a box office success every time he brought a new flick out of the gate. Alas, he has yet to establish any kind of creative rhythm in his career—though the back-to-back combination of Clerks II and Zack and Miri Make a Porno came close—always seeming to follow a good film with a not-so good film (and sometimes a good scene followed by a not-so good scene within the same movie).

Anyway, this is all my way of introducing the clip that I’ve embedded above, which is the first of eleven documenting his 2009 San Diego Comic-Con panel. You can find links to all the clips at News Askew, or by clicking on the related videos that pop up in the YouTube player after the first one, but please do give it a watch if you are in any way a Kevin Smith fan. The dude really does deliver the funny, and though he has nothing coming out in the near future to promote—his next film, tentatively titled A Couple of Dicks isn’t due out until early next year—he succeeds at making the viewer want to go out and support his work straight away.