Worth Your Consideration #023 - SDCC 2009

  • Bucket Reviews has the Iron Man 2 panel up on YouTube in three parts (1, 2, and 3). Sadly, this doesn’t include the actual footage from the film that was shown, as that’s apparently against Comic-Con’s stone age rules and regulations. But, fret not: Screencrave.com has recreated it for us and Ain’t It Cool News has a nice recap.
  • In other Iron Man 2 news, Live For Films has a nice, brief piece on the announcement by director Jon Favreau that the Iron Man sequel will not end in a cliffhanger meant to set up an eventual Avengers flick. Says Favreau, “We’re working towards Avengers, but by the same token we want to resolve this film and make [Iron Man 2] play on its own.”
  • In other comics news, the perpetually in legal-limbo property Marvelman now belongs to Marvel. I have the infamous birthing issue of Miracleman (Marvelman‘s title in later years) that the guys at iFanboy mentioned on their show a few weeks back, but have very little attachment to the character otherwise. That said, this is apparently very big news. What do you think about it, Fivers?
  • Moving back to film adaptations of comics, a favorite subject of ours here on Geek Force Five, AICN’s description of the Kick-Ass session at Comic-Con has me itching to see the film. I knew very little about it before reading the AICN piece and the Wikipedia article, but man, this sounds cool. It’s apparently about a kid who decides to become a super-hero and then gets his ass kicked in the process before finally coming into his own. You guys fans?
  • In film adaptation news of the non-comic book variety, there’s the trailer to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland that’s finally made it’s official appearance, post-SDCC. You’ll remember that I tweeted about the leaked version last week, and I have to say that it’s even better in HD.
  • This trailer for Dorian Gray (an adaptation of Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, surely) is also quite good.
  • In one final bit of adaptation news, Peter Jackson let slip during his panel with James Cameron that his film version of Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones (one of my favorite books of the last ten years or so) will have a trailer within a few weeks time.
  • And, lastly, for those Heroes fans among you, SDCC was not without news about the forthcoming new season of that show. I will watch as always, but have my reservations about a season that will supposedly begin with Claire locking lips with her college roommate. Whaddayathink?