5-Year-Old Shoots a Man in Reno, Johnny Cash-Style

There’s not much that needs be said about this video of five-year-old Wesley covering Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” at the 2009 Spring Coffee Shop Jam in Seattle, WA. Really, the performance just speaks for itself. It is both awesome to hear a five-year-old who can play that well, and a little awkward to hear him selling a song he probably has no business singing. But, overall, it’s just cute beyond measure (at least to me, as the parent of a small child).

Wesley’s instructor reports that the attention his student’s performance has attracted on YouTube these past twenty-four hours has not been all positive, which I find ridiculous (but not surprising), and it’s my hope that the people who visit my site will either appreciate the vid for what it is or just move on to something else, rather than trash-talking a kindergartner.

Actually, it’s my hope that the entire population of the Internet will start doing that, but I do realize that it’s a naive hope.