Last Week on Lost: The Shape of Things to Come

Teasing tonight’s episode for Entertainment Weekly‘s Doc Jensen, Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof says, “Remember after the finale last season when everyone was asking us why Jack was blathering on about his father in what turned out to be our first flash-forward? It was just the booze and pills talking, right? And hey…why did he start taking pills in the first place?”

All interesting questions, Damon. I hope that you guys manage to answer at least one of them tonight, because it’s been a terrible day and I really need some Lost awesomeness to pick me up right now.

Until then, let me attempt to reconstruct the piece I wrote about “The Shape of Things to Come” on this morning’s bus ride, which was before my laptop’s hard drive decided to shit the bed.

Give this man an Emmy!
I knew that Michael Emerson (Ben) had chops before this episode, but man, does he give one hell of a performance or what? His last moments with Alex are absolutely heartbreaking. You can see that Ben had no idea that this was going to happen, that this is the first time in a long time (with the possible exception of the moment where he was pleading for his life in the armory of the original hatch, saying “You can’t do this. I’m a good person.”) that he has been surprised by anything. These rules he talks about must be really, really strict and really, really important.

When is kind of a relative term
The plot thickens when it comes to time discrepancies, huh? Not only do we have the freighter’s doctor washing ashore with his throat slit, while apparently being fine and dandy back on the boat, but we also have Ben asking a desk clerk what year it is.

I think all of this ties into the Orchid, the mysterious Dharma station teased at last year’s ComicCon. After all, Ben shows up in the desert wearing Edgar Halliwax’s parka, and Halliwax was last seen fleeing from apparently duplicate bunnies in an Orchid orientation video.

Is the Orchid how the Oceanic Six get off the island, though? Unlikely. See Sayid’s question to Ben, “How did you get off the island?” However the O6 get off, it’s probably going to be kind of a mystery to them. Or else they’re going to be led to believe that it’s far more difficult than it actually is.

What exactly did Ben do when he went into the secret room of his secret room? Did he call the smoke monster? Can he control it?

I’m going to kill your daughter. Penelope, is it?
The way I see it going down: Sayid is given Penelope’s name and he has to go through Desmond to get to her. There’s a reason we’ve been seeing so much of Sayid and Desmond together this season.

Other thoughts
Keamy is going to die a horrible death at some point, and we are all going to cheer when it happens. We will not feel bad.

Australia is the key to the whole game, Hurley? That is a very interesting observation. Thanks for making it.

Ben doesn’t kill anyone. The one dude that dies in the desert was killed by the gun of his comrade, who just didn’t stop shooting once Ben grabbed him. I don’t think Ben can kill. I think that’s what he was talking about when he was talking to Widmore. He can’t kill Widmore because he (Ben) is “a good person.” And he won’t try to kill Penelope himself for the same reason. That’s why he’ll have Sayid do it.