Image Comics Founders Reunite for IMAGE UNITED

They don’t have my favorite Image Comics founder on board—that’d be Jim Lee, whose now off working for DC—but I am intrigued by Image United nevertheless, a series that Newsarama describes as “the jam session of the year”. A unique approach to the super-huge mini-series comic event of the year thing that all of the major publishers feel the need to throw out at us every three hundred and sixty five days or so, Image United features each of the Image Comics founders drawing the characters they created. That is, whenever Spawn appears, the pencils are Todd McFarlane’s. Whenever we see Savage Dragon, it’s Erik Larsen’s work. And whenever we throw up in our mouths at the sight of Shaft from Youngblood, we can blame Rob Liefeld.

What do you think? Will they get all six issues done before killing each other? And will the script by Robert Kirkman make up for what might very well be a disjointed artistic experience?