A DREAM IS BUT A SHADOW - The New Album from Pop Bubblegum Trash


In February 2011, as part of the RPM Challenge, I resurrected my one-man band Pop Bubblegum Trash. I'd last recorded music under that moniker in 2000, but I had a story I wanted to tell in songs, and A Dream Is But a Shadow is the end result.

Written and recorded in 28 days, A Dream Is But a Shadow is the story of what happens when an angry young man finally gives in and gives up. It follows a fellowship of six women across the fractured landscape of that young man's mind as they attempt to save the he that they call He from Himself. Drawing on pop culture both high and low, it's exactly the sort of album you'd expect from the guy who runs Geek Force Five.

The album is available for download exclusively through Bandcamp, and it runs $3 for 10 songs. Click here to get yours.