Donna, Neal, and Porn

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

One of the highlights (or lowlights, as the case may be) of the Summer of 98 was our trip up to see Donna and Neal in New Hampshire. We drove up to see them at Neal’s house in God-Knows-Where, NH and we had ourselves an adventure out to Lake Winnipesaukee for ice cream and then we had ourselves a nice little conversation about a subject that had never much come up in Stef and I’s young relationship.

We talked about porn.

In Neal’s car, on the way back from getting ice cream, we somehow got into a conversation about masturbation, I think it was. I was saying how I never did that because I was a good boy. And I think someone said something like, “Oh, and I bet you’ve never watched porn before either,” to which I responded, “Oh. Of course not.”

Eventually they coaxed out of me that I had experienced both very dirty things.

Stephanie, at some point, mentioned that she had never seen a dirty movie and for some reason they believed her where they hadn’t believed me. I didn’t think that was fair but somehow we got to talking about how when the opportunity presented itself later on that night, we would expose my girlfriend to world of adult film.

I forget the name of the film we watched but I think Jenna Jameson was in it. I may be wrong about that, but the truth is, I was paying very little attention the screen. I was too busy watching Stef to see how she was reacting.

We did partake in other activities besides watching filthy movies. We talked a great deal about the coming move into our new townhouse at school. I think we knew that Angela was pregnant by now and we spoke a bit about that as well.

It was an interesting weekend. It sure was.