Lilith Fair with Jimmy

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

I took the day off from work, or I got out early. I can’t remember which. It was around lunchtime however, that we picked up Jimmy at the Malden Center T station and began our trek towards Great Woods in Mansfield, MA to see Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair festival. We’d been looking forward to it for a while. We were determined to have ourselves some fun.

Though it was disappointing that some of the bigger acts like Sheryl Crow and the Indigo Girls were not present on this particular date, we were excited nonetheless to see Sarah and local rockers Letters To Cleo. The rest of the acts I could have done without. I think there might have been one or two others that were good. We did dig Chantal Kreviazuk’s performance as well, particularly her cover of “Leaving On A Jet Plane” which Kay Hanley from LTC joined in on, but other than that, it was kind of a bummer day until Sarah came on.

Now that I think of it, Sheryl Crow may have been there. I can’t recall though.

Sarah’s performance was amazing though. She never put on much of a stage show but the band was tight and the setlist covered just enough old stuff to balance off the wealth of material from Surfacing she was playing.

It was after the show that things got weird. Stef was tired and I had to drive Jimmy home. Stef fell asleep in the back seat, at least that’s how I remember it. I drove Jimmy home and then I think I took Stef home with me to stay the night at my parents’ house. What was really freaky is that she reacted to my attempts to be sweet with her in exactly the same way Tracy had reacted to me after the Nine Inch Nails show years earlier. She got pissed off at me and wanted nothing to do with it. I was afraid that this might be, as it had been with Tracy, the beginning of the end.

The next day though, we went out to Boston Market in Haverhill, right up there on the border of Plaistow and Atkinson, and we ate and we were better.