Ray & Gladys’s 50th

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

The first time I took Stephanie to a family event was when I took her to my mother’s Uncle Ray and Aunt Gladys’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was quite a big to-do. Our relationship was already my longest ever and I wanted my family to like her. I really, really did. And it turns out they did like her. They liked her very much, right from the start.

Most important of all were the Ronzios. Billy and Christle were my cousins, but they were more like another brother and a sister. Auntie Lil and Uncle Bill were like a second mother and father. I wanted them to like Stephanie the most. And thankfully, though we didn’t get that much time to socialize with them, I think they did like her.

The highlight of the afternoon was our time on the dance floor. That was when people really got to see how dating Stephanie was affecting me. They could already see how happy I was from the perpetual smile on my face. When they saw me dance though, I think that was a true sign for them. Perhaps this girl, a girl who could get me to dance, perhaps she could be the one.

After the party, since we were driving through Littleton anyway, I took her by the graveyard to show her my Grandpa’s grave. I thought it was important that she meet him too.