Another One Rides The Bus

I was thinking I would ride the bus to and from work today. I felt bad about bumming rides off of friends and family so often lately. I mean, it stinks that my car is causing problems, but why should that be cause for me to mooch off others in order to get to my job? Do you know what I mean? I hope you do.

I didn’t take the bus though. Stephanie took me to work and my Mom brought me home. I got to Chelmsford early though because Stef was supposed to have class tonight and she works the earlier shift when she has class (She ended up not going though because she was feeling sick, but that’s for later). In the time between being dropped off and sitting down at my desk, I walked around downtown and then sat and had a large and rather awful cup of hot chocolate at the cafe downstairs.

The day flew by after that and I fear that I left work without having finished everything I should have finished. It’s a long drawn out story, but basically the gist of it is that my boss never came back from lunch and I needed him to approve something before 5 PM so we could get an e-mail & fax campaign out the door tomorrow. I waited till 5 and he hadn’t come back so I got into my Mom’s car and she drove me home. I only hope I’m not reprimanded when I get in tomorrow.

And my car… well my car is still at the shop and I don’t even know how much the repairs will cost yet. Anticipating the worst, I went over the CVS on my lunch break and bought a copy of the Consumer Reports 2003 Auto Report.

And tonight Stef and I spent most of the night watching TV feeling pretty sick. I’ve had this nasty lower GI thing for the past two days and she’s developed something similar, along with her monthly punctuation problems, and a cough that’s still lingering from the cold/flu thing she had last week.

All in all, it wasn’t a terrific day, but whatever…