The Clarkmobile Goes Ghetto

I forgot to mention that I got my car back yesterday afternoon. Well, I did mention it in the comments section of yesterday’s entry but since the comments section appears to be invisible to all of my many readers these days, I figured I might mention it again. Something in particular about my car struck me funny though, and I wanted to address it. My car, you see, has gone a bit ghetto.

When the mechanic replaced the missing lugnut on my left rear wheel they replaced it with a gold-plated replacement part. It stands out like the sorest fucking thumb in the galaxy amidst a collection of otherwise rusty bolts. The nearest thing I could compare it to is a gold tooth. It looks like my car now has a gold tooth.

I pointed this out to Scott, a guy I work with, when I arrived at the office this morning and he said something to the effect of, “Well, if you can’t buy the whole fancy rim, I suppose that’ll do.”

I didn’t think about my new gold lugnut for the rest of the day though. I thought about how yucky it was that after only a couple weeks of nice spring-like weather, we in Massachusetts are back to snow and ice and slush and shit. I thought about how I was never going to make it to five o’clock. And mostly, in the confines of my own mind of course, I hummed songs from The Donnas album I listened to on in the way in this morning.

Then, when I left work, I decided to test a theory I’d been pondering after being taken to the shop twice in the last two weeks. It turned out that when I got taken to the shop and picked up my car from the shop, I somehow managed to make it home faster than I usually do when I travel the way I usually travel home. So, today I decided to give this new route a try (minus the trip to the mechanic) and it turned out I was right. I even left work late today and I still got home faster than I ever did going the other way.