Looking Serious

I’ve been deciding over the last couple weeks that Clarkwoods.com, the site for my business venture Clarkwoods Press, is in need of another minor redesign. The design I put up there a few months ago when the book first came out was good enough for the time, but I’ve never been satisfied with it. I want my business site to look professional. I want people to go there to know that they are dealing with a someone who’s serious about their work, not some hack who viewed the source code of a couple of his favorite sites and decided he was a web designer.

So, I got up around 5 AM this morning and got to work. What I produced was pretty darn good, even though there’s still a heap of work to be done before I make it live. Stephanie still likes the old/present design, particularly the big splash-page type image on the homepage. I like stuff like that, but it doesn’t look like a business page man, and that’s what it is.

All of this was prompted by the fact that I’m in talks to finally add another book to the Clarkwoods Press catalogue. The woman I met with a couple of weeks ago has decided to let me try my hand at selling her works on my site. They won’t be “Clarkwoods” books per se, but since the mission of Clarkwoods Press is to help anyone who has a story to tell get it told, I think it still falls under the umbrella of what we’re trying to do.

The rest of the day was videogame football and chilling out on the couch with the new third-season of Friends DVD collection. We went out for a while and I priced VCRs because I really would like a HI-FI VCR to replace the mono one we have now, even though we’ve mostly moved to DVDs.