JonMartin turned me on to this song ages ago by the name of “Unsatisfied.” I can’t remember the artist off the top of my head. I suppose I could open up Winamp and check it out… The point is, this song appeared on a heap of Jon’s old mix tapes and I hadn’t heard it in years until I got an MP3 of it from Jon and well, when I’m feeling unsatisfied, as I am now, not just the lyric of the song, but the whole tone of it, it just really gets me.

It also gets me how ridiculously I use commas. I really need to work on that. If I ever do get around to applying for graduate school I hope the admissions committee doesn’t stop by this page, see my grammar and punctuation skills, and decide I can’t possibly be accepted.

What also gets me, even more than that, is the audacity of Daylight Saving’s Time. Not everybody out there knows what I’m talking about, and there’s the chance this journal might get read eons from now when they’ve abolished the whole stupid concept altogether, so let me explain. Daylight Saving’s time, you see, is when all we East Coasters (do they do this in other parts of the country too?) turn all our fucking clocks forward an hour.

Or is Daylight Saving’s Time when we turn them back an hour in the Fall? I can’t remember.

Anyway, there are two times a year where we have to change our clocks for some Godforsaken reason and today was one of them. Today was the day we moved them forward and hence, we lost an hour of sleep. I’ve been a little bit bitter all day.

That didn’t stop me from getting the laundry done, or from kicking the ass of some team in Madden 2003, or from going over my parents’ house with Stephanie and watching the end of the Kansas-Marquette game taped from yesterday and then eating spaghetti and watching Speed on TV. Nope, it didn’t stop me from doing any of that stuff.

But apparently it has stopped me from writing the cool entry I imagined myself writing when the day began.

Oh bother.