On That Score

Earlier in the day I thought I might spend the evening watching the NCAA men’s basketball championship game, but after dinner tonight Stephanie said something about wanting to watch the Lifetime original movie Homeless to Harvard instead. A tired pudding-head, I didn’t disagree. I nodded in complacency.

The real kicker is that, instead of coming immediately in the office, I spent the better part of an hour sleeping on the couch. My laziness knows no bounds.

I did have a busy day though and I suppose I needed the rest after doing a ton of work at work and then returning to my regularly scheduled exercise routine afterwards. I still feel on the edge of dozing off entirely as I sit here and type this now.

Uhm, that’s all for now. I’m considering applying for the low residency MFA in Creative Writing program at Lesley University. I need to make a decision on what story to submit as a sample. If anyone who’s read the book has an opinion on that score, I’d love to hear it.