Summer Shakespeare

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

It might have been right after a camping trip or right after a trip up to Maine, but at some point, right after a trip of some sort, we visited Bradford during summer session to say hello to our friend Amanda, who had been starring in a production of some Shakespeare play, the name of which I cannot remember. I think it might have been Midsummer. That would be appropriate, right?

Jimmy was there for some reason. He’d seen the show I think. We didn’t see the show. I can’t remember why. We had made other plans or something.

(It might have been because we went to see a show Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend was in up in Maine. That’s a whole other story but I don’t know when it happened, so let me elaborate right here. Basically, he was starring in Two By Two, a play I’d earlier seen JonMartin in. The boyfriend played the same part as Jon actually, and despite me wanting to hate him, he did an excellent job. Afterwards, Stef wanted to hang out and talk to him and I was happy to oblige, acting the part of the secure boyfriend, if not feeling altogether secure. We went out to the car after she’d had no luck finding him and then we waited for a while. When he eventually came out I asked her if she wanted to go say “hi” to him but she didn’t. We ended up following his car for a while or something. I think it was her final goodbye to her lingering feelings for him. And, since I was mature enough to know this, I think she gained a newfound respect for me.)

Anyway, back to the real story here. We went to see Amanda but didn’t see her show and then afterwards we went to an ice cream stand in Haverhill by ourselves and had an ice cream because it was atrociously hot.