Finals, Finales, and Finishing

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

At the end of April, as finals were winding down, we had a big get-together at Cluster D. A bunch of the girls invited their parents over and there was a big dinner. Friends were there as well and after the parents left, I think it degenerated into the typical “end-of-the-year” bash.

My memories here may be a mish-mash of a couple days, but I’m pretty sure all of this took place on the same day or on consecutive days at least.

Rachael had come up from Pennsylvania for a couple of days to do an interview and campus tour and such at New England College in Henniker, NH, which is where she intended to start finishing up her degree in the fall. Prok was around as well. I think he may have been the one to take Rachael up to NEC.

There was controversy looming in the house. There was something going on between Stacey and Russel and this was not good. I was pissed that Russel wasn’t graduating on time and he had been talking about trying to get elected as our Senior Class president, when I didn’t even consider him a part of our class. Things between us had been growing tenser all year, ever since Rachael had moved away, and round this time it was coming to a head. I’d gotten all pissed off in the Campus Center one day when I heard about his class president aspirations and I ended up spending the rest of the semester sleeping upstairs in Stef’s room.

This was good for one reason and that was the fact that Rachael finally had a bed of her own to sleep in on one of her visits.

Back to the party though. It was in full swing by the time I got through with my late afternoon Shakespeare final, which Stef and I think maybe Rachael, came to see. We had to do a twenty-minute version of The Tempest, and I’d gotten the lead because none of my fellow students wanted all the work it entailed, even though I was absolutely the weakest actor in the class.

I think dinner consisted of spaghetti, or something else that was otherwise easily made in large amounts. I think the whole idea was to pay back Angela’s mom, who had been cooking dinners for our whole house once a week for most of the year.

I recall some sort of festivities after the parents left, but they weren’t wild or anything, just everyone letting loose and packing. It seemed to me that everyone was moving on. There were those of us preparing for next year, our senior years. Then there was Jimmy, who was graduating, Russel who should have been, Jason who was doing shows away from school and probably starting school out in Ohio, and Rachael who was ready to start school in New Hampshire.

It would’ve made a nice season finale if our lives were really a TV show, which we sometimes joked they were.