Froofy Drinks

Tiff called me around the time Stephanie was walking in the door to ask if I was interested in hanging out tonight to celebrate the fact that she realized she’d be able to complete a double major very easily, given all the credits she’d amassed during her college career. Stef had a lot of work to do for her own classes and I decided that, having been good and excercised three times a week for two weeks in a row, and having finished the revisions to I’d been working on (They’re not live yet) I deserved a night out.

A good time was had by all at a cozy booth in the corner of the Outback Steakhouse in Lowell. Before we were seated, Tiff gave me crap about the fact that I had yet to write a Who’s Who entry for her. I explained that I wrote all of those ages ago and I hadn’t written a new one in years. That little bit of conversation stuck with me though, and I did in fact write a new Who’s Who entry just for Tiff, which you can see by clicking on her name above. It’s a bit longer than most I’ve written, but I’m in a rambly kind of mood tonight.

At work today I received the proofs of the four-page piece I’ve been laboring over for a couple of months now. It looks absolutely fabulous and if I can swing it, I’ll have to post some images up here for you all to see. I am more proud of this one project than I’ve ever been in anything I’ve ever produced for hire.

That pride in my work allowed me to really relax today and coast through a modestly busy Friday as if it were nothing. It was mildly confusing to my body when I took lunch early with a group of coworkers (I usually take lunch around 2 PM and we went to lunch at 11:45 AM) but other than that, there wasn’t much of note that went down today.

Then I came home, worked out, did my final bit of work on, and went out with Tiff and KenMills and that was that. Ken’s got a new girlfriend and we talked some about her and we talked some about everything else and then we went home.

I told you I was in a rambly mood.