Gay Balcony Scene

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

I didn’t have any intention of acting during the Spring semester of my junior year but somehow I got roped into roles in two plays, one for my friend Jimmy’s senior project and one for some kid who had somehow convinced the theater department to let him direct a show that had nothing to do with the Student Theater Festival or a Senior Project or any of the other events that generally allowed for a student production to take place.

This guy didn’t even know the name of the playwright who wrote his script. When we sat down to design the program for the show, all he knew was the last name. Jimmy show was at least a tad more fun and at least Jimmy knew his playwright’s name. That might have had something to do with that fact that Jimmy was the playwright, but whatever.

I got roped into that first guy’s show when an acquaintance, Liz, who I had acted with in Earnest in the fall, called me up in the middle of the Grammy Awards and begged me to come down and audition for a part because they didn’t have enough men. Despite my limited acting ability, the fact that I had a cock almost guaranteed I would get a part. There was a serious lack of male actors on campus, or at least a lack of good ones.

So I got involved with that show and then all of a sudden Jimmy was in need of actors for his Senior Project staged reading. I don’t know if he had asked others to be in it before me, but he eventually needed me and I couldn’t refuse.

Balcony Scene, which was the first play, had run on Thursday April 2nd and was finishing it’s run on Saturday night. After the short play was over, there was a quick change of scenery and costumes and then we got up and did Jimmy’s play, Foolish Games.

Balcony Scene was set around a funeral and this guy (played by DaPonte, I think) got to see everyone weeping for him. I played an angry old man of some sort. Nikki was in it too, if I recall correctly, and she played the fiancee or girlfriend or something.

Jimmy’s play had a simpler plot, so much simpler that I can’t remember it at this juncture. Regardless of the plot though, I do remember that I played a gay guy connected with either DaPonte’s or Baptiste characters and whoever I wasn’t connected with was the other guy’s ex-boyfriend or something. I think it gave Jimmy some sense of satisfaction that, since he’d never been able to make me admit my true inner gayness and come to bed with him, that at least he could get me to play a gay guy on stage.

Anyway, it was a hoot to do a play of Jimmy’s and not so much a hoot to do the other play, though I did enjoy working with Nikki and Rob in Balcony Scene and several of the talented Senior class actors (Heather Darrow, among them) in Jimmy’s project.